Mountain climbing/hill walking have become very popular pastimes in Ireland in recent years. With 14 peaks in excess of 3000ft and a large number more over 2500ft Ireland has a wealth of moderate to challenging climbs to offer with magnificent views

Mangerton mountain

Devils Punchbowl corrie lake near the summit of Mangerton mountain, county Kerry
Mangerton mountain is located about 4 miles south of Killarney a short distance off the Kenmare road. At 839m it offers a challenge to the experienced hillwalker and at the same time a manageable climb to the novice as the ascent is gradual all the way up. After crossing the Finoulagh river the climb begins and there is a well beaten path all the way to the summit. On a clear day the views from the summit are spectacular particularly of the Macgillycuddyreeks mountain range. It looks amazing in Winter when the peaks are all covered in snow. I climb Mangerton regularly and never get tired of its challenge or beautiful views. One beautiful clear winters day in the middle of January about 4 years ago while I was setting up my tripod and camera at the summit a big crow landed and perched himself on a pile of rocks by my side. It was like as if he wanted to be photographed. I got a few great snaps of him with the snow covered Macgillycuddyreeks range in the background. My favourite view is of the beautiful "Devils Punchbowl" corrie lake which is located near the summit. The lake is the source of water for Torc Waterfall which is nearby and derives its name from a local legend. Chieftain O’Donoghue Ross dined with the Devil here one evening, and punched him in the face. As O’Donoghue Ross was leaving the devil bit off the top of Mangerton mountain, and threw it at the departing chieftain. It missed him but the result of the impact created the beautiful corrie lake. I spent more than 1 hour in sub zero temperatures at the summit one Sunday in January 2008 waiting for the clouds to break to take the photograph above. I was on the point of giving up when all of a sudden the clouds broke and the scene looked nothing short of magical
Devils Punchbowl corrie lake, county Kerry

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  1. Smashing shot. Down that way late feb and thinking of heading up Magnerton. I remember following a sign for Magnerton viewpoint from the Killarney-Kenmare road, this takes you up the side of a hill and then over a small road to a carpark at the forest at the top of Torc. Is this the best place to climb Magnerton from?

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