Mountain climbing/hill walking have become very popular pastimes in Ireland in recent years. With 14 peaks in excess of 3000ft and a large number more over 2500ft Ireland has a wealth of moderate to challenging climbs to offer with magnificent views

 View from Slieve Carran in The Burren National Park in county Clare

Slieve Carran (April 2010)

Located in the north east corner of The Burren (north of Carron village) this beautiful mountain rises to 327 meters and dominates the surrounding landscape in what is now a protected nature reserve and part of the Burren National Park. The very distinctive cliff face of the mountain is know as Eagles Rock deriving its name from being a nesting place for eagles a long time ago. Like most of The Burren the area is very rich in flora and fauna with Arctic and Mediterranean plants side by side. There is the ruins of a historic church a holy well and a a fulach fia (ancient cooking place) on the eastern side of the mountain. Its a relatively short climb but the views from the summit are nothing short of magnificent. I climbed it for the first time on the 26th of April 2010. It was a glorious sunny day and I can honestly say that the views equal or exceed those from mountains several times higher.


  1. I do agree, I climbed there just with friends, from east side through some rocks and bushes, beautifully rain covered. Than some walk on top. It was surprise, cool view and was cloudy with showers.
    Great short trip, with wild goats nearby. S